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a place to mother



It takes a village to raise a child.

Here's one just for you, momma. 

Mommacare revolutionizes the way modern moms are seen and supported through motherhood while navigating through its challenging transitions. It's the place to retreat, vent, celebrate, enjoy, and connect with yourself and other mothers figuring this thing out—no kids allowed. 


We're building a supportive ecosystem to champion those who are navigating the complex, shifting identity of motherhood, and we emphasize the importance of maternal mental health. We challenge moms to nourish themselves first in order to care for others.

Welcome to the mommahood. 

make room for you


a non-judgemental space to blab and vent about the not-so-instagrammable moments



with other women in the same stage of motherhood as you

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receive weekly

mom-mail, "pumping hour" messages, and inspirational content for the days you need it most

breathe girl. feel all of it. 


of the Week

you're killing it and that's more than enough. 

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from the founder

Racquel Lee, Channing & Charleigh's momma

Some days I can't believe this is my life. Five years ago, I sat crying in my OBGYN's office after being diagnosed with PCOS a month before my wedding. My doctor informed my husband and I that it would be difficult to conceive if we ever wanted children.

Now 2 adorable little girls later, our story is proof that God truly does have the final say. If I can be honest...even in the midst of immense gratitude about this huge miracle, I've still had my days of sleeplessness, deep sadness, frustration, and all the emotions that come with the title "mom."

I thought it would be easy. That being a mom was just this "ta-daaaaa you're a mom now" moment and that I'd love being the best mom ever. I researched every blog, watched all the Youtube videos, and planned everything. I felt I was prepared for all of the things...except me.

I grieved my "old self" in silence. Even amongst a supportive spouse, a village of family, and the balance of career and purpose, I kept telling myself, "This is what every girl dreams of. I should be happier than this." But I wasn't. 

Was I the only one? The moms I see online seem so happy. I wondered how they got "there." 

Feeling trapped in the sacrificial, overwhelming version of motherhood, I started getting transparent and it truly freed me. I discovered I was not alone and that there were other moms who could relate. Maybe you do too? I dreamt of a place where I was a priority and where we could share and celebrate the real—so I created it. Mommacare has been a long time coming and I'm so excited to connect with all of you who need this just like me. 

My prayer is that you feel strengthened and uplifted in this safe space. That you feel empowered and embraced on the days you feel unseen and unappreciated. That you feel connected when loneliness hits your bedside. That you prioritize the time you need to rediscover the best version of you along the way. I'm rooting for you. We're in this together.

-Racquel Lee

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