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Hey momma...


supporting every kind of

through the 


modern motherhood   transition

through the 


Girl...look at you! You've done the most powerful thing on the planet: 
bring life into this world. I mean...give your own self a pat on the back! 

Raising our little ones is the biggest honor of our lives, but
With the focus and excitement around the little ones that change our lives,
But before there was them, there 

The reality is, we need just as much care as our kids do—if not more.
9 times out of 10, we're last on the list trying juggling it all. 

But, nope. Not here. Not ever.

Here at mommacare, moms matter first.

So that's what this space is all about—mothering ourselves and
celebrating all that is US 
+ everything that comes with the title.

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Moms come in all forms.
Which category best describes you?

 Expecting mommas

Working mommas

Stay-at-home mommas

Solo mommas

Grieving mommas

Milky mommas

Emptynester mommas

Meet the founder 

Racquel Lee


Channing + Charleigh's momma

Mommacare is newly founded by Racquel Lee—a wife, mother of 2, and passionate marketing executive by day.


After a difficult, unanticipated physical and mental postpartum journey with her daughters, Racquel encountered the unchartered, non-glamourous territory of motherhood. The one that moms normally dont share online.


Inundated with sites for baby, and searching for a safe space to express herself with other women who could relate, she instead created what she couldn't find. A place just for momma. Thus, mommacare was born. 

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matter first.

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Don't do life alone.

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